This kid is Popeye. Surprisingly, he looks like a Holstein.We call him “the cow” a lot. We’ve never had a kid with those particular markings before. Ours are normally, half white/half black, half white/half chamois, or all chamois. Although we did get an all white doe from some friends. Popeye was part of the first batch and by the end of March, we had six kids total. It’s good for the kids to have their mamas lick them all over and stimulate blood flow.

They don’t like nursing from a bottle at first. You have to keep them from jerking away and pry their mouths open to take the nipple. This is Becca feeding Lily.

After a few weeks, the kids love bottle-feeding and come running when they see you with the bottle. That’s my hand there, hanging on to a glass bottle for dear life while trying to keep my camera still enough to take a picture. Papa John is the half white-half chamois colored kid on the right.

Goats are stubborn and don’t like to be led. Mandarin is to the right while Teriyaki stands on the left. The name of our place is the FF Ranch, pronounced double f ranch. The FF is for family first. In honor of the FF Ranch, all the male goats are named after fast food, and the females are named after fancy flowers. This year, the goats are Lily, Camillia, Popeye, Papa John, Mandarin, and Teriyaki.