Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Revolution Money is a money exchange program, founded in 2007. There are no interchange fees between merchants and it is free for the individual to send or receive money. They are offering a promotion right now- sign up and get $25 deposited in your account. After you’ve verified your bank account, you can transfer the money to your private bank account. It’s like making $25 for ten minutes of work. I was sceptical at first but they really do give you the money. Mine is now transfered into my bank account. For every person who signs up through a link placed on your blog, you can earn $10. It sounds like one of those too good to be true offers, but this one is actually true. So far, I’ve received $25. That could be: at least one book, 1/3 tank of gas, five fast food meals, two clothing items, two CD’s, two movies, money for a charity, or savings in the bank. I found out about this offer through The Sparrow’s Nest.

Check out “The Sparrow’s Nest”, and if you’d like to sign up, please come back here and do it through my button. The offer lasts through May 15th. Thanks! đŸ™‚