Happy Mother’s Day! After church, we picked up Subway sandwiches and took them to the poppy reserve to eat. Although we eat Subway in other cities, apparently we never eat their food when we’re at home because we couldn’t remember where any Subways were! Fortunately, we were in contact with Dan who googled one for us! Our typical routine is to pick a sandwich partner and split a 12″.

It was exciting to eat outside in the fresh air. Somehow, eating lunch fifteen feet behind a rattlesnake warning sign added a certain zest to the meal. We didn’t see any rattlers until after lunch. There was one up inside the visitors center- stuffed and poised to eat a stuffed mouse. The rattler sign was a reminder that we were out in “the wild”, yet it didn’t feel much different than home (where we have had rattlesnakes). I noticed a few different wildflowers I hadn’t seen before, tons of insects and insect sounds, and thousands of acres of empty land looking untouched except for hazy visions of telephone wires in the distance. I kept imagining all the settlers who traveled west and chose to stay in this valley a hundred years ago. They gave up whatever they had and endured hardship in hope of a better life in the golden promised land out west. And I was born here! How amazing is that??

Dad said he was going to go check out “The Benefits of Fire” sign. Mom laughed and said that one benefit is that he makes his income by fire. 🙂 Notice that Caleb was standing just like Dad was.

Mom called her mom (Nana) to wish her a happy mother’s day.

Luke with his sis…

What’s more thrilling than when Mom and Dad let you take a picture with their camera?

Did it turn out?

We love Mom…