I’m so close to finishing my degree. It’s down to one paper (started) and a final (not started). Isn’t that amazing?

I’m actually writing my last undergrad paper. The paper itself is a rather boring subject. It’s on the etymologies and histories of ten words, randomly selected save for reference to language origin. Here are the words: clock, crater, bleak, brunette, kindergarten, coyote, voodoo, squash, calico, and fort. I knew about kindergarten, it’s not hard to guess that “voodoo” is from an African language, it makes sense that “squash” was American Indian, that “brunette” has a French feel to it, and that “coyote” is Mexican Spanish. But would you have any idea that “bleak” was Old Norse, or that “calico” was Indian? “Pajamas” is also Indian and know that I know it, I can see it. There have been so many words this quarter that I had no idea were from other lanuages, but once I know the language of origin, it makes perfect sense. Of all these words, the only one that grabs my attention right now is “BLEAK”. Don’t ask me why, it sounds neat, and it goes with “midwinter”. 😉 Fortunately, although I may not enjoy every sentence of writing this paper, knowing that it’s the Last Paper, the Very Last (until fall), adds a certain spice. “I just wrote the last introduction. Fancy that!”, etc…

Therefore, I shall neither run mad NOR faint!