The delights of graduating are manifold and include receiving a personalized letter, beginning “Dear Graduate” from Michael D. Antonovich, head of the Board of Supervisors County of Los Angeles. It is amusing and slightly alarming. Amusing, because the letter suffers from 18th century punctuation and capitalizes important words like “College” and “Blessed”. Among other things it exhorts me to set high goals as they are vital to my future. Alarming, because The Government is paying enough attention to something or other and knew that I myself am graduating (I do go to a state school so I can see how they figured it out). Now, if only they told more kids that they too could receive a letter like this. We’d see a tremendous rise in college graduations in the next generation.

The saving grace: “Not printed at taxpayer expense”. Does that mean that it comes out of Antonovich’s pocket? Curiouser and curiouser!