Update on Life in General:

June 7th was commencement. The whole family drove up to Bakersfield and watched me walk. I got to sit with the whole AV group and see some friends. It was incredibly fun. The ceremony was certainly interesting. For starters, the entire faculty were all wearing the strangest robes. At least the graduating students’ robes looked dignified whereas the faculty robes can only be described as costumes. One gentleman was wearing a bright yellow beret/turban/tassel. All that can be said for that hat is that it allows the wearer to stand out and prevents any modest retirement into the crowd.

To continue: there was a “Libation”. I was expecting some sort of classical Greek thing to honor knowledge and education. It was actually a plant watering ceremony. In honor of our ancestors, a lady poured water and the crowd was supposed to respectfully murmur, “Ashe”, which means “so be it”.

The commencement address was from a former senator. He exhorted us to be on time, wear sunscreen, and told us that social security no longer works and that it’s our problem to fix. Didn’t tell us how, though.

Now that school is out until September, I’m lifeguarding, reading, and finishing the final details on the application for the teaching credential program at CSUB. I have to get fingerprinted and turn in some CSET results to the office. I also got to go to the Resolved conference with a group from church and listen to pastors like John Piper, John MacArthur, C.J. Mahaney, and others, which was a huge blessing.