Let me begin by saying that it’s lucky that I figured out how to spell “disappointing” for the blog title. I usually spell it with two s’s, backspace, and then spell it with two p’s. Anyway. Returning to regular programming…

This post is almost guaranteed to be disappointing since I have absolutely nothing to write about, nor the immediate mental capacity to create a dazzling meditation on the random, trivial things that have (or have not) happened lately. Like having a dream (or not) about someone hanging on my back in an annoying hug and waking up to realize that I’m shaking my head, trying to escape from my own arms which were wrapped around it. Since it’s been awhile since there’s been anything new on this blog, I figured it was time to update. Unfortunately, I have nothing to write about.


#1 Update- alienate readers and forfeit their trust by writing about absolutely nothing.

#2 Don’t Update- alienate readers by having nothing new for them to read yet retain their trust by keeping up the integrity of the blog.

Dear readers, what should I do??