It’s amazing how much more motivated you feel when you don’t have to listen to a motivational speaker. Almost like the good feeling you get when a class is unexpectedly canceled.

I didn’t realize that I missed the junior high until I was back on campus, talking to people I haven’t seen in eight weeks. As far as schools go, it’s a fantastic place to work. The buildings I use regularly are new or remodeled and there are plenty of supplies and space for people to spread out and get the work done. For the first time in three years, I know exactly where to show up, who I’ll be working with, and in general, what the year will be like. It’s great to finally know where my place is and feel like an insider, instead of figuring how to relate to yet another staff. For two weeks, at least.

On Aug 20th I have an interview for substitute teacher with the district. I’m not sure why the interview wasn’t scheduled before the beginning of the school year so that I could attend the substitute orientation and avoid leaving the TA job only a few weeks into the school year. However, so long as I have an interview, I’m happy. And I guess a few more weeks with the girl I’m with will provide some continuity for her. I was with her for 6th and 7th grade and as late as the beginning of July, expected to finish 8th, as well. This job change is mostly for the sake of the teaching credential program which will require half-day student teaching by January and full-day student teaching in March or April. What most people hope is that they can get a long-term sub position during student teaching so that “work” counts as “student teaching”.