I’m an Anne. Call me Cordelia. It started way back when we lived at the old house. Mom was pregnant with Becca and I was about to turn eight. We were shopping at Costco, checking out the book aisles as usual, when Mom picked up a boxed paperback set of all eight “Anne” books. Soon after that, we all came down with chicken pox and Dad spent the next two weeks nursing us back to health. We kids got to watch “Mary Poppins” every single day and take oatmeal baths. I read “Anne of Green Gables” for the first time but got stuck in “Anne of Avonlea”. Mom found relief from abject misery through reading the entire series.

Eventually we watched the Anne movies (Megan Follows) and I spent my pre-teens and early teens collecting and reading everything that L.M. Montgomery wrote. Mom also discovered the Road to Avonlea tv series, which is based on “The Story Girl” books by the same author. I spent a lot of time wishing I lived in those movies.

A friend once said that she worried sometimes that she’d let her daughter watch the Anne movies at too young an age. Mom nodded sympathetically and said that she wondered that same thing about me. I was shocked and had to know why. Mom laughed and declaimed, “Call me Cordelia!” (Whatever that means!) Later she explained that she used to wonder if my acquaintance with Anne Shirley contributed to my being dramatic and in a dreamworld. Then she saw that I just clicked with Anne because that’s me, anyway. It’s everything but the red hair. And making the same mistakes twice.

The reason for this whole Anne post is as follows: I’m in the process of deleting my Myspace account. Some of the quizzes are fun, though, so they will be moved to a separate page on this blog. (Called, amazingly enough, “Quizzes”!) Sometimes the quizzes are more fun when there is some explanation. When other people post them, I always wonder how accurately the person thinks that they reflect their personality/character. So now you won’t wonder about mine!

Who are you in Anne's circle of friends?
Who are you in Anne’s Circle of Friends?

By the way, I have never, seriously said “Call me Cordelia!”, or asked to be called any other name but my own. But Mom likes to say that phrase when I do something she thinks is quirky or dramatic. It’s fun. 🙂