School is officially back in session. It’s the beginning of the fifth week and definitely one of the craziest quarters ever. The professors are luny, I’m going insane, and all the other credential students are batty. Don’t send your kids to us until we’ve had treatment! I’ve always read in books that scholars have soft hands. It’s a myth, people. There is definitely a callus on the middle finger of my left hand and my elbows are rough.

If this were a lesson plan, that little introduction would be called the anticipatory set. It’s sort of like your opening words, but, naturally, way more scientific. And I would have mentioned something about SDAIE, SIOP, ELL, TPA’s, GATE, BICS, CALPS, RTI, TPR, RICA, BPST, or NCLB. No, I wouldn’t dare make a joke about it. It’s just way too serious for anything lighthearted like that.