Heidi and I have formed the band “Oxymoronic” and will release our first album shortly. It’s a mixture of classic baroque chamber pieces  and pure head-banging fun. Heidi is the lead singer while I take the guitar and piano. Somebody plays the drums, I’m sure. I’ll list a few song titles from Oxymoronic’s greatest hits EVER. This is the best of the best, people. Every song made it to “America’s Top Ten” yesterday.

Album- Hope is Stronger Than Memory

1. Together Alone

2. Sweetly Mean

3. Simple Calculus

4. Basic Maestro

5. High Low’s

6. Always Never

7. Hideous Beauty

8. Forgotton Memories: Hope is Stronger Than Memory

9. Repulsive Allure

10. Frozen Fire

11. Mournful Cheer

12. Moronic Genius

Look for our first album in stores or online tomorrow! After that, it’ll be sold out.