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Mom has been packing up the books as we prepare to sell the house we live in now and move to the new house. She found two parodies of popular Christian books- books that are so popular they almost have a cult following. The Mantra of Jabez is a parody of The Prayer of Jabez and Right Behind parodies the Left Behind series. Both of the parodies are side-splitting reading. I haven’t laughed so much over a book in years. And I haven’t even read the originals! Are you vacuum-sealed? Do you still have your apendix? Well, you must be doing something right.

A lot of Christians believe that following Jesus doesn’t mean throwing your brains out the door or renouncing culture, including the pursuit of great literature. (Mushy Christian fiction doesn’t count.) Why Christians Should Avoid the Great Books Like the Plague is a funny parody about reading the great books. Although I don’t agree with the parody, I think it’s pretty hilarious.