For thousands of years, wise people have poured hot water over tea leaves and found pleasure in both the experience and the drink that is created. Referred to as the “agony of the leaves,” the reaction of dried leaves to hot water can be a lovely thing to watch; it holds an almost poetic beauty, especially if you brew in a clear vessel and use larger-leafed teas such as oolong. And the resulting beverage is a truly great tea with an exceptional flavor, aroma, and color. ~Theresa Cheung

Tea. Is there anything so comforting?

Tea is for every mood, physical state, and time of day. When I was little, I disliked tea. I used ttea_cup_smallo get croup coughs everytime I was sick so Mom would make me a cup of “Breathe Easy”. The “Breathe Easy” was both bitter and exceptionally sweet. It was horrible, but I would manage to gulp it through a straw (so I couldn’t taste it as much) both because I had to drink it before I was allowed to leave the table and because it made me feel better!

Somewhere along the way, I learned to not only tolerate tea, but to positively love it. One of the best varieties are jasmine pearls, either loose, or in a pyramid bag. The little pearls unfurl and blossom through the agonoy of the leaves and emit a delicate jasmine scent.

There are a few stores in town that sell great quality tea but the best place to get loose tea is the fabulous Adagio Teas