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We girls were hanging out in the girls’ room tonight, reading various things. Becca was reading the complete works of William Shakespeare. It sounds funny if you read that sentence literally. Lol! Okay– Becca was reading “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare”, Merchant of Venice to be precise. At some point we all ended up talking and I picked up the book to see where she was reading and to look up a few favorite passages.

Me: Where is love…?

Becca: It’s through the whole book!

Heidi: Uh, what are you TALKing about…?

I was looking for Sonnet 116 which has the phrase “love alters not”. That’s what I started to say but didn’t finish. So we found the sonnet and I started ranting it for fun, which provoked a struggle in which Heidi tried to cover up the words and I kept trying to read it. It was hard because we were laughing so hard and that is really weakening!

Heidi: It’s really disturbing when you start quoting stuff that makes no sense like you actually understand it, and like it, especially when it’s not even written in English! Shakespeare is what they make you read in school. Of course, I haven’t started reading it yet so I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

*we all start cracking up*

Me, declaiming: Shakespeare is the treasure of England! The jewel of the British Isles! The greatest writer in the English language!

*lots of eye-rolling and more hilarity*

But it reminded me of the Anne of Avonlea movie where Anne is wandering over the sand dunes and imagining a book. She says crazy stuff like “Where is love? Over the mountains of the moon, down the valley of the shadow.” Which is another poem. And then there’s Marianne in Sense & Sensibility. “What is love? Is it a fancy or a feeling? Or Ferrars?” And there’s some other quote asking if love is in the heart or in the head.

If Heidi was awake I’d ask her where it’s from. Unfortunately, she’s asleep! So I won’t know until the morning at least. Unless I wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly remember. Which would be great. Except for the waking up part because I need sleep. I am so tired! Why do I stay up late, reading and talking? I’ve been doing that for years. I talk too much and I stay up too late to read. There are so many books and not enough time.  That’s the real problem here! 🙂 It’s always  a sad feeling when I reread a book that I used to really enjoy and find out that it’s not so great after all. But it’s wonderful when you find a terrific author you haven’t read before or reread a book and it’s feels like an old friend and you’ve just been let in on a new facet of their character. When I find a book like that, we’re friends for life.

All that to say, I love talking and laughing with my sisters!