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This is a video I received in an email from ACT! for America. Watch as a Muslim leader gives a speech urging people to oppose Arab journalists who write against “the resistance”. I’m not sure who this guy is…but he’s not alone in his opinions. He praised American “racist rednecks” who belong to the Ku Klux Klan and supposedly want to blow up American nuclear power plants. He praised terrorists and thought it would a good idea to send those courageous Muslim heroes who want to help the resistance up from Mexico to decimate cities with four lbs. of anthrax in a suitcase. The Muslim leader also said that it was ridiculous for anyone to advocate diologues with “the resistance”. Whoever says so should have their tongues cut out! Does President Obama know that this is their attitude? I hope that the White House takes terrorism and the Islamic religion more seriously than I give them credit for. I usually think that there is a huge disconnect between reality and government in this area. Oh well, it’s a peaceful religion with peaceful ideas and peaceful plans to peacefully incorporate all peoples into their peaceful world kingdom.

Signs and rumors…but God is the one who sets up and removes kings.

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