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Here is how many journals-slash-diaries-slash-whatevers start out: “Dear Diary, Today I went to this place and did this thing and ate that thing and then I came home and washed my socks and now it is 8:31 pm and I am going to bed.”

That’s boring.

Here’s the highlights from my day: Chiropracter, Costco, and cold cures. The only thing is, I still have clear snot bubbling over the back of my throat. I’m positive that I can feel it right down to where my neck meets my collar bone. Illness is graphic. I don’t know whether I feel more dead or alive when I’m sick. It sure puts you in tune with your senses, whether you gained or lost sense of the particular thing– how can you forget you have a nose, lymph nodes, or anything else when it’s all streaming and swollen? Here’s the bright spot: lots of sneezing. I like sneezing. I’d much rather sneeze than anything else.

Cold cures: steams, tea

Chiropractor: adjustment, ouch! I’m really sore today

Costco: slippers, and a cart full of food– Even the check-out people looked faintly surprised. How can that be? They must see much larger hauls. I must have imagined it.

Costco is like Trader Joe’s.

Me: Costco is like Trader Joe’s. What do you think of that statement?

Heidi: *being weird with her eyeballs* uh…False!

Still, I maintain that Costco shares at least one very important characteristic with Trader Joe’s. If you think you know what it is, let me know.