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All the Ringers went to Spring Ring on Saturday. We had an hour-and-a-half commute both ways and it was tremendous fun. On the way there, we were zombies. Then we arrived, set up the pads, cloths, and bells, and practiced for hours. We played in the little concert and shared our solo piece. The time went by so fast. It’s amazing how the hours fly when you’re playing handbells. 🙂 Then came Johnny Rocket’s, a 50’s style diner for dinner, and then the ride home. By that time, we were all exhausted. I discovered that people I normally consider rather serious and practical become silly gigglers when they’re tired. Everything is funnier when you’re tired. We had some of the lamest running jokes going you’ve ever heard. They involved coffee, bananas, pygmies, Disneyland, and “And then they died!”. Yep. Oh, and the pastor’s son has a new nickname. Strappy!

I can’t wait until the next Spring Ring!