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Magnet from Pemberly Shoppe

Magnet from Pemberly Shoppe

I have an absolutely beautiful magnetic board that used to hang above my desk at the old house. I’ve been protecting it since we moved and THE TIME HAS COME!!! to put it on the wall again. Permission has been asked and granted. I can’t wait to put reminder post-its, notes from friends, and prayer picture-postcards from missionary friends on it. Oh, yeah. And my favorite magnet goes there, too. It says, “What would Jane blog?”

That was my personal project for today. To hang up the board. I found a hammer but the picture hangers are in a box in the garage. I wasn’t up to digging through all the boxes in the garage (it’s like 8×5, at least). I looked in other possible picture hanger spots. Like Dad’s desk drawer. Actually, that’s the only place I looked. That was the end of the project. Later Josh came and took the hammer so I guess he did something good with it.

Instead of hanging up the magnetic board, I learned again how important having a network of useful contacts is. It’s all about contacts and speaking to the right one at the right time. I’ve been trying to find the packing tape for a week and it never turned up. When Josh came looking for the hammer, I decided to ask him if he knew where the tape was. And he absolutely did!! And he only knew it because of something he did this morning where he happened to notice where the tape was. So there you have it. Even if you think you asked everyone, ask again. Ask the right person at the right time.

So I didn’t hang up the magnetic board but I did tape up two boxes of teacher stuff to take to the downstairs to the garage. I don’t want the stuff but should probably keep for three years– and yes, there actually is a reason for the random three years.