I went to the boys’ room to give Josh his pay stub and didn’t leave for two hours. Daniel was there, too, and we ended up talking. We probably spent at least 45 mins laughing…

You should also know that Josh likes to hold scissors or other sharp objects while he talks. He waves them around, opens and shuts them, trims body hair, and tests them out on his feet. He says that the scissors are dull and that, anyway, they couldn’t hurt a heel that bends hospital needles. Oh, by-the-way, I have his permission to share this. 🙂

Josh: So I ran to work the other day…Jenny didn’t want to take me. She said I wasn’t showing her enough attention so I had to take my legs instead.

Daniel: Wait. Which one is Jenny?

Melissa: His car.

Daniel: And what’s your motorcycle called?

Josh: Liz

Daniel: And what are your legs called?

Josh: *sculpting errant leg hair with the scissors* Hairy!

*loud guffaws*

Daniel: Oooo! I walked right into that one!