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It was me. I’m the  girl wearing an old and completely graceless San Francisco t-shirt with dress pants. It’s a long story…

Once upon a time, far away in the castle in the woods, slept a prince who had pricked his big toe on a thorn and bled one bright drop. He slept for several days before a beautiful frog came and kissed him. The frog turned into the prince’s ugly wife and they decided to move to Spain and have many handsome tadpoles.


This is what really happened. I woke this morning to a pale grey dawn and packed my exercise bag. I was wearing the exercise clothes and packed nice clothes to change into. Not the comfy jeans I would have liked because they were in the washer, but it was okay. After packing, I realized that I would need to wait for an hour and a half after getting to school to use the gym since it would be closed for chapel. It was okay. I could read in the car. Thirty miles down the freeway, I had another lightbulb moment. I had no towel to use after showering. Not surprising I had forgotten it, since it too was in the washer. It was okay. I would…um…? Well, I would just dry off with my sweatshirt.

Heidi and I made it to school and I waited in the car until the gym would open after chapel. The moment had come so I unsuspectingly bounced up to the door expecting a joyous hour of sweat and ipod music. Alas, it was not to be for the doors were locked and a sign prolaimed that they would not reopen until 12:00pm, far too late for me. It was okay. I didn’t have a towel anyway. I walked over to the bathrooms to change into my dress pants and nice black sweater. Well, I forgot to pack a Shade shirt to wear under my sweater! By this time, I was hardly surprised. I was just grateful that I didn’t drop any clothing into the toilet while I laughed. And that’s the story of why I am wearing dress pants with an anachronistic t-shirt.