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It’s been more than a month since I wrote anything. So much for my plans to write faithfully once a week during the credential program and keep track of how it’s going. Ha! I thought the other program I was in was time consuming but it can’t touch this one. The nice thing, though, is that the professors and students are Christians and that we students keep each other accountable to focus on Jesus and not lose our perspectives on why we’re going through the program.

If you’ve known me for not too long, you’ll know that I’ve got some pretty strong opinions on education, credentials, and popular methods. In specifics, the criteria for the first program I was in and the one I’m in now aren’t that different. We’re all meeting the same state standards (TPEs) for teachers. The main difference is the people.

The people in the first program were driving me bananas(table-mates excluded). Now I get to sit in class everyday with 10 awesome people. It’s a really terrific group and I’ve been able to make some friends with “life-long” potential, Lord willing. I love talking with these girls, bouncing ideas around, encouraging each other in the Lord, and being plain old goofy. That’s been the major advantage of switching programs. We can’t wait until this semester is over, though. After a major assessment (TPA- Teacher Performance Assessment) coming up, due on Dec 7th at 4:pm, there is a week of finals, and our celebration outing. Burning the TPA template in our bonfire was definitely mentioned. 😉

My favorite method of procrastination recently, has been debating the nature of Islam on a private forum. Besides that, I’ve been requesting books from the library, looking at their covers, deciding I’m never going to have time to read them, and sending them back. I’ve also concluded that despite loving cleanliness and order, I’m not naturally tidy. All this time I thought I was, but I’ve been assured that I am certainly not. And I have to admit, I should be cleaning up the week’s aftermath right now, but there’s just a few things I have to check online first. lol!

So that’s about it for this post. Nothing that interesting, no major news, and nothing to make you laugh. But whoever is still reading this blog, enjoy the update. :)I was surprised to see that there are still any “hits” after several months of no content to speak of. Thanks, whoever you are.