First parent/teacher conference. It was interesting to see three interesting people discuss an interesting kid. Poor kid. I would be more descriptive but I don’t want to type anything that I wouldn’t want to show up on the front page of the New York Times. You never know.

First time introducing honored students in an assembly. I said, “We would like to honor R______ and C______.” and passed the microphone down the line.

First time wearing pumps to work. I got the lowest heel I could find. My feet hurt.

First time using a Glasslock for lunch. The glass rectangular dish has a leak-proof snap on lid. No leaks and you can take the lid off and zap the food in the microwave. Definitely a high point in my week.

First time teaching 6th grade math. O, math! The bane of my existence! I hoped we had said goodbye in high school. Math will probably haunt me the rest of my life. It hurts my head. I lack the proper cellular arrangements necessary to compute with ease and alacrity.