I took the RICA yesterday. It’s a test that is supposed to show that a credential candidate knows how to teach reading and language arts to children K-8th. I hope I passed. I think I passed. I have to wait a month to find out. Sidenote: during the two and a half hours that I took the test, someone in our room was always out with the restroom pass from the first moment until I left. I’ve never seen a group of adults so constantly in the restroom before. Nervous bladder, perhaps?

The chicken mummy is drying out. The salt doesn’t draw out much moisture from week to week anymore.

Halfway point. Four weeks down and four to go. It feels unreal that I’m already half-way through the first teaching assignment.

Midterm evaluation from the master teacher. I need to work on volume when I speak in front of the class. Apparently, my sweet voice can cause the students to tune out.

Starting a social studies unit on ancient Greece tomorrow and being observed by the college supervisor. It’ll be good to get that out of the way early in the week.

Job lead on a place that I would absolutely love to work- a long commute being the only drawback.

Encouraging time of accountability with some great friends.

Can’t wait until next weekend!