14 days of student teaching
3 days to write the last TPA

Those are the bald chronological facts.

By this time next month, I’ll have been finished with the credential year for nearly a week. Between now and then, there are a myriad of details to take care of. I’m not worried. It will all come together, as it always does. I’m looking for jobs and dreaming of teaching overseas for a year in Japan as I do when I want some adventure…because I’m not the biggest homebody you’ll ever meet or the type of person who is happy to curl up and read a book all day! 🙂

After this is all over in three weeks and I’ve “recovered” for a few weeks, I know that I’ll miss seeing my credential peeps in class and will miss my little 1st graders as much as I miss my 6th graders. But that will all be in three-plus weeks. For now, I am trying not to strain through the present because I can taste summer and am ready to feel the thrill of success and realized dreams.

There haven’t been any new blog posts for so long because I’ve been too caught up in work and other activities. It’s also because so many little and big things have happened that it was hard to know how to distill the information and to share the essence of all the experiences of the last couple of months. Today seemed a little simpler. Three more colloquium meetings. Three more weeks of teaching. Then it’s over. It’s so close to the end.