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I didn’t know Rudy Acosta and just learned of his existence on Saturday. Since he died in Afghanistan on March 19th, and the school has been grieving, I have heard nothing but wonderful things about him. From all accounts, he was a young man who deeply loved Jesus, was witnessing to his fellow soldiers, and had big plans for his life.  He was in the class of ’09 at the school where I teach. For such a young person, his circle of influence appears to extend to hundreds of people who are sincerely mourning his loss as a brother, son, classmate, and American hero. Everyone in Rudy’s life is making big plans to support his family and show honor to this young man, who died serving his country. This includes everything from elementary students drawing pictures for the family to the USA awarding the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. It is amazing to see the school, church, and military rallying around the Acosta family.

Another death. Maybe losing someone important to me two years ago makes me notice deaths more. Last year seemed especially full of the deaths of people who I am acquainted with or connected to. What a reminder to get right with God and remember your Creator while life lies before you. You don’t know how much life lies before you.