The more things change, the more they stay the same. I’ve been writing in my paper and leather journal quite a bit more recently, and over the last few years. I haven’t even written everything there that I could have because life has been flowing by, full of experiences. Also, I don’t think that a personal blog is a good genre for me. What is the use or beauty of a personal, journal-style job in which I will never be frank in an uncensored way? Personal, censored ramblings are boring and one-in-a-million to those who don’t know me. Nothing unique. Hardly more interesting to those who know me. The truth is, I am now a public figure in a very small way since I am a teacher. My private life does not need to be on display for students, parents, administration, acquaintances, and random strangers. There is nothing wrong with my private life other than the sin that plagues the human race in general and all of us in particular. But now I am a professional, and there are boundaries in professional life and behavior that are best obeyed.

This entry explains for my readers (you might stumble on this in a few years or never) why I’m no longer writing a blog (no one asked). Also, I didn’t want the last entry I wrote to be my last.

So, I have choices.

  1. Change the blog title and make it focused on something personal but not private. Books. Reading.
  2. Start a new blog. Focus on teaching and post about what I do in the classroom. Why should I bother? My favorite teacher bloggers have it covered.
  3. Forget about blogging and recognize it for the fun time period it was. Focus on other things that I’d rather do more.