7th Week


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I didn’t get around to making a 5th or 6th week of student teaching update.


…and I think I’ve blocked out the little milestones from the 7th week for the most part. Not that it was bad– it was a great week– it just went by really fast and nothing too out of the ordinary happened. The master teacher was gone at a conference Tuesday-Friday so it was me and two different subs throughout the week. One sub had her bunny eaten by a raccoon.

My mind feels like a sieve. I’m not writing things down enough and keep forgetting things. 🙂

I’m applying for a job at a school that wants me to list the titles and authors that I’ve read in the last 12 months. That is the coolest application question ever! The whole application is more fun than work to fill out. We’ll see what happens.


4th Week of Student Teaching


I took the RICA yesterday. It’s a test that is supposed to show that a credential candidate knows how to teach reading and language arts to children K-8th. I hope I passed. I think I passed. I have to wait a month to find out. Sidenote: during the two and a half hours that I took the test, someone in our room was always out with the restroom pass from the first moment until I left. I’ve never seen a group of adults so constantly in the restroom before. Nervous bladder, perhaps?

The chicken mummy is drying out. The salt doesn’t draw out much moisture from week to week anymore.

Halfway point. Four weeks down and four to go. It feels unreal that I’m already half-way through the first teaching assignment.

Midterm evaluation from the master teacher. I need to work on volume when I speak in front of the class. Apparently, my sweet voice can cause the students to tune out.

Starting a social studies unit on ancient Greece tomorrow and being observed by the college supervisor. It’ll be good to get that out of the way early in the week.

Job lead on a place that I would absolutely love to work- a long commute being the only drawback.

Encouraging time of accountability with some great friends.

Can’t wait until next weekend!

3rd Week Student Teaching


First parent/teacher conference. It was interesting to see three interesting people discuss an interesting kid. Poor kid. I would be more descriptive but I don’t want to type anything that I wouldn’t want to show up on the front page of the New York Times. You never know.

First time introducing honored students in an assembly. I said, “We would like to honor R______ and C______.” and passed the microphone down the line.

First time wearing pumps to work. I got the lowest heel I could find. My feet hurt.

First time using a Glasslock for lunch. The glass rectangular dish has a leak-proof snap on lid. No leaks and you can take the lid off and zap the food in the microwave. Definitely a high point in my week.

First time teaching 6th grade math. O, math! The bane of my existence! I hoped we had said goodbye in high school. Math will probably haunt me the rest of my life. It hurts my head. I lack the proper cellular arrangements necessary to compute with ease and alacrity.

2nd Week Student Teaching


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I just started my second week of student teaching in a 5th/6th grade split class. The master teacher is wonderful and the students are the easiest group I’ve ever worked with as a whole. Last week I was struggling with yet another cold but I’m mostly recovered now and much more excited and energized than I was last week (also a result of the rain?).

Mrs. L (master teacher) let me do a couple of language arts and social studies last week so I was able to start the kids into their ancient Egypt unit and am taking over the responsibility for social studies this week. The teacher has it mostly planned out through ancient Egypt with the basic structure so it’s easy for me to take that and tweak it or add in bits of fun information. The kids were pleasantly horrified today to learn that corpses in ancient Egypt who were destined for mummification had their brains drawn out through the nose with a hook. Mrs. L wanted the kids to do a project on Friday- something “memorable”. I googled for a few minutes and found a neat project that the kids might enjoy even more than I will. Mrs. L thought it was a great idea, too, so I’m going to start getting ready to mummify a chicken with the students on Friday. After the chicken is embalmed, we’ll bury it in the school yard, and they can dig it up in a few months to see what it looks like. I can’t wait. This is going to be really interesting.

Here is my day:

5:30 Get up, dress breakfast
6:30 Leave, listen to 2 podcasts in the car
7:30 Arrive at the school, put lunch in fridge, put stuff down in classroom
8:00 pick up kids from classroom
3:30-5:00 staff meeting or get ready for the next day, leave somewhere in that time frame
5:00-6:30 arrive home have listened to two lectures from the teaching company
9:00 go to bed having completed the evening routine of dinner, pack lunch, devotions, review tomorrow’s lessons

That’s about it. Homework, church, Bible study on the weekends. Read for bookclub somewhere in there. Think about the RICA coming up in less than three weeks. Think of great ideas for teaching a unit on ancient Greece in a few weeks (something I’ve wanted to do for years) and scale back since there isn’t time for everything we could do.

I’d like to update more frequently and am hoping for once a week. It’s probably going to be about student teaching most of the time because that’s what my life is about right now. 🙂

How I would answer a survey at the end of ’09


Birthplace: Torrance, CA

Location: Quartz Hill, CA

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: dark brown

Height: closer to 5’10” than 5’9”

Right Handed or Left Handed: Leftie, and lovin’ it!

Your Heritage: Scotch/Irish, Norwegian, English, German, Okie, a smidgen of Osage, and who knows what else

Your Weakness: one of them is stubbornness

Your Fears: stepping on a snake or a toad barefoot in the dark

Your Most Overused Phrase: “like”

Your Best Physical Feature: eyes?

Your Bedtime: ideally- it’s 9pm, actually-it’s closer to 11pm

Your Most Missed Memory: not sure. I’ve got tons of great memories but I’m enjoying the present.

Single or Group Dates: single

Do you Smoke: Negative

Do you Swear: No, but I’m sure I use my other little words and probably mean the same thing

Do you Sing: eh, I love to but it’s disturbing to hit the wrong note when you’re singing around the campfire. Lol!

Do you Shower Daily: You bet! Who doesn’t?

Have you Been in Love: I don’t know. Probably not.

Do you want to go to College: Been there.  Done that.

Do you want to get Married: Yes, but since I don’t know what God has planned there I’m keeping plenty busy in the meantime.

Do you believe in yourself: I exist.

Do you get Motion Sickness: No

Do you think you are Attractive: sometimes

Are you a Health Freak: Yes and no. More yes than no. Being allergic helps with this one.

Do you get along with your Parents: Yes, they’re my favorite people.

Do you like Thunderstorms: Of course. My favorite part of a thunderstorm is the smell after it’s gone. The smell of creosote after  the rain is wonderful.

Do you play an Instrument: Not currently. I used to play the piano.

In the past month have you gone on a Date: No

In the past month have you gone to a Mall: Yes. It was loud, hot, and crowded. We got stuck behind an entire family of fairly overweight people walking in a row with arms linked and taking extremely small steps. Not a major fan of shopping.

Ever been called a Tease: Negative

Ever been Beaten up: There was this one time at the gas station when some dude was like, “Hey, that’s my pump!” and I was like, “Hey! Whatcha gonna do about it?” and he unfortunately interpreted that as an invitation to punch me. It was unpleasant but I definitely learned my lesson about challenging people who think they have dibs on a gas pump. 😉

How do you want to Die: In my sleep.

In a Guy..

Favourite Eye Color: Brown

Favourite Hair Color: Dark

Short or Long Hair: shorter

Height: taller than I am

Weight: normal, normal effort to maintain/tone

Best Clothing Style: classic and reasonably stylish

Number of Piercings: none

Number of Tattoos: yuck!

Number of Past Regrets: Since the guy is human, how can you set a specific limit?

Brain Broken.


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It’s been more than a month since I wrote anything. So much for my plans to write faithfully once a week during the credential program and keep track of how it’s going. Ha! I thought the other program I was in was time consuming but it can’t touch this one. The nice thing, though, is that the professors and students are Christians and that we students keep each other accountable to focus on Jesus and not lose our perspectives on why we’re going through the program.

If you’ve known me for not too long, you’ll know that I’ve got some pretty strong opinions on education, credentials, and popular methods. In specifics, the criteria for the first program I was in and the one I’m in now aren’t that different. We’re all meeting the same state standards (TPEs) for teachers. The main difference is the people.

The people in the first program were driving me bananas(table-mates excluded). Now I get to sit in class everyday with 10 awesome people. It’s a really terrific group and I’ve been able to make some friends with “life-long” potential, Lord willing. I love talking with these girls, bouncing ideas around, encouraging each other in the Lord, and being plain old goofy. That’s been the major advantage of switching programs. We can’t wait until this semester is over, though. After a major assessment (TPA- Teacher Performance Assessment) coming up, due on Dec 7th at 4:pm, there is a week of finals, and our celebration outing. Burning the TPA template in our bonfire was definitely mentioned. 😉

My favorite method of procrastination recently, has been debating the nature of Islam on a private forum. Besides that, I’ve been requesting books from the library, looking at their covers, deciding I’m never going to have time to read them, and sending them back. I’ve also concluded that despite loving cleanliness and order, I’m not naturally tidy. All this time I thought I was, but I’ve been assured that I am certainly not. And I have to admit, I should be cleaning up the week’s aftermath right now, but there’s just a few things I have to check online first. lol!

So that’s about it for this post. Nothing that interesting, no major news, and nothing to make you laugh. But whoever is still reading this blog, enjoy the update. :)I was surprised to see that there are still any “hits” after several months of no content to speak of. Thanks, whoever you are.

Who was that?


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It was me. I’m the  girl wearing an old and completely graceless San Francisco t-shirt with dress pants. It’s a long story…

Once upon a time, far away in the castle in the woods, slept a prince who had pricked his big toe on a thorn and bled one bright drop. He slept for several days before a beautiful frog came and kissed him. The frog turned into the prince’s ugly wife and they decided to move to Spain and have many handsome tadpoles.


This is what really happened. I woke this morning to a pale grey dawn and packed my exercise bag. I was wearing the exercise clothes and packed nice clothes to change into. Not the comfy jeans I would have liked because they were in the washer, but it was okay. After packing, I realized that I would need to wait for an hour and a half after getting to school to use the gym since it would be closed for chapel. It was okay. I could read in the car. Thirty miles down the freeway, I had another lightbulb moment. I had no towel to use after showering. Not surprising I had forgotten it, since it too was in the washer. It was okay. I would…um…? Well, I would just dry off with my sweatshirt.

Heidi and I made it to school and I waited in the car until the gym would open after chapel. The moment had come so I unsuspectingly bounced up to the door expecting a joyous hour of sweat and ipod music. Alas, it was not to be for the doors were locked and a sign prolaimed that they would not reopen until 12:00pm, far too late for me. It was okay. I didn’t have a towel anyway. I walked over to the bathrooms to change into my dress pants and nice black sweater. Well, I forgot to pack a Shade shirt to wear under my sweater! By this time, I was hardly surprised. I was just grateful that I didn’t drop any clothing into the toilet while I laughed. And that’s the story of why I am wearing dress pants with an anachronistic t-shirt.

Harvey Milk Day


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I received this as an email forward and think that everybody should be made aware of this proposed legislation. It took me less than 30 seconds to complete the call.


Please call Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at 916-445-2841. There is a recorded message designed to poll Californians’ opinion about SB 572, which the governor is being pressured- more from all sides -to sign. It’s all going to come down to how much pressure California’s governor feels.

If signed, SB 572
would pressure every California public school to have an official Harvey Milk Day promoting the homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual agenda to children as young as kindergarten. The sky is the limit on what a school considers suitable commemorative exercises. SB 572 is written so broadly, and could allow gay-pride parades on campus, cross-dressing, and homosexual marriage dramas, etc.

The call will only take about 30 seconds to complete and can be completed any time – day or night…
Press the buttons in the following order:

1 (English) 2 (legislation) 1 (SB572) 2(against)

Remember, last year the Democrat-controlled Legislature passed Harvey Milk Gay Day, but Schwarzenegger vetoed it. This year, Schwarzenegger is being lobbied more heavily by homosexual activists. Sean Penn, who played Harvey Milk on the big screen, and Milk’s homosexual activist nephew, have both personally lobbied Schwarzenegger to ask him to sign SB 572. The other difference from last year is that there are four more Democrats in the Assembly voting for Harvey Milk Gay Day. And for the first time, a Republican, Senator Abel Maldonado, is supporting this anti-traditional family value bill.

Please take a moment and do this for the kids…

Now I Saw in My Dream

On Wednesday I started a fieldwork assignment in N—— School. This assignment is for my Practicum class from the teaching credential program at M——.

Since I dropped out of a credential program last fall, I’ve had plenty to keep me busy. We spruced up and packed our too numerous belongings and moved “into town”. After moving in, we settled as quickly as possible and started throwing things out.

Then my elderly grandparents moved in with us to receive more care. No one realized it, but Grandma was already suffering with her last illness. She spent a few weeks with us, visited the hospital, came back, and then after another 10 days at the hospital, went to meet Jesus face to face. We were able to spend her last hours surrounding her bedside, holding hands, praying, singing, and telling her how much we loved her. After the memorial service, Grandpa moved back to the city that he’d spent his entire life in so that he could be close to Grandma’s grave.

It still seems unreal at times. You see a living, breathing person in front of you. Any second they could stop breathing and die but they don’t let go until all their children arrive and say goodbye. The breaths become shallower and choked while the monitors beep warningly. Finally, it seems like that is the last breath. But there is one more and then then the red thread on the screen flatlines, reads zero, and cries a steady tone. You look back, and the body that was a person one second earlier, has turned into a shell–obviously empty. The face is empty, the glazed eyes are covered over, the mouth hangs open and can’t be closed. The body is already decaying and in a week more is hidden in the earth. The person left behind trinkets, books, and clothes, but it seems strange that the things are still here since the former owner isn’t. The owner has simply vanished in an instant, and cannot be found anywhere on earth. But to be absent from the body and hidden from our sight means that she is present with the Lord and sees Him revealed in all His glory.

Through the summer, we’ve continued to get rid of things and to try to live with not much more than what we use on a daily or weekly basis. Except for the books, of course, there is still a bookcase in most rooms. We read. I worked at the pool again this summer– something I said I wouldn’t do. From the outside, my life looks like it’s in exactly the same spot as it was a year ago. Just finishing up a summer of lifeguarding and hoping I won’t be back, starting a credential program, thinking I’ll graduate in a year and be able to get a teaching job. Sometimes I still wonder if I shouldn’t have just stuck it out for two more quarters and have finished already, with all the classmates I’ve known for years. But those are just momentary twinges.

I’m really excited to start classes on Monday and see what happens through the next year. It’s weird to sit in a classroom and not know anybody but that will change in a few weeks. One of the students happens to be a girl I knew when we were both children. The professors prayed before we started the orientation meeting and also encouraged us to dress professionally and modestly so as to preserved a good testimony of the gospel to teachers in schools who may never have known a real Christian. Fancy that! It was like a dream!

After a long week of working at the pool,  traveling down to the school, and getting up early and going to bed late, I am exhausted. I’m already getting used to waking up at 5am, though, and I like the early morning more than I used to. I went to the chiropractor Friday afternoon and fell asleep during a mechanical exercise that has you lay on a table and use the device for 10 minutes. I was actually dreaming and startled awake when the timer went off.

Now I see many things in a dream…some past events feel like a dream, I dream when I’m too tired, and I dream of things to come.

Lovell Sisters Concert


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I read a blurb about the Lovell Sisters in World Magazine on occasion of the release of their new CD, “Time to Grow”. The review compared their voices to that of Alison Krauss. I’m a big Alison Krauss fan so I checked out the Lovell Sisters on itunes. They are amazing! They remind me of Cherryholmes but with a little more variety in sound.  Their blend of contemporary country and bluegrass is one of my favorite kinds of music. The next day, I found out that the Lovell Sisters were giving a free concert in the Memorial Park in P——-, only one-and-a-half hours away! Daniel, Josh, Heidi, Becca, and I were all free that evening and decided to go.

Josh made a stop-motion movie while we waited: